Tuesday, July 5, 2016

One's Metaphysical World View

Recently I experienced a true consciousness shift. I will save for another post the details behind that. The shift came about as a result of an investigation I entered into all and only because I discovered a crusade that, on the surface seemed to make good sense yet, deep down inside I knew "something" was bothering me and I had to find out what that something was and why it was bothering me.

This led me to look deeper into my own most important world view which (for me) is... my current metaphysical view as to how "all this" came to be. My world view also includes the answer to "what am I." What bothered me was the crusade seemed anchored in a materialistic world view. I had explored materialism and realism and alternative views to some degree but I didn't feel I had a good enough handle on why my "gut" rejected "materialism."

I suddenly recalled a site called Skeptiko where the site owner had several hundred audio interviews with some of the world's most respected "thinkers" yet which spanned the spectrum from full blown militant materialists to the folks that can be placed loosely in a group we would call, "there must be more."

So I opened up the list and began to scroll down looking for a title that would grab me. "As this sorta thing goes" (when one lives the 'magical life' as I like to call it... hint, there's really no actual magic to it), I ended up at the one titled - "This philosopher goes toe-to-toe with materialist science… so far he’s undefeated."

I had never heard of Dr. Bernardo Kastrup until this moment. I began to listen. Within minutes I realized I wanted to read one of his books and ordered "Brief Peeks Beyond." A few days later the book arrived and I realized it was a compilation of essays. After reading the first several pages, I kept noticing he referred often to another book he had written called, "Why Materialism is Baloney." The title sort of turned me off so I didn't react until... after reading several more essays I encountered too many references back to this book, "Why Materialism is Baloney" and so I broke down and ordered it.

The book arrived just a few days before I was to leave for 17 days to meet my wife on the island of Curacao for a mission to get a silly piece of paper which is separating her from being with me back in Texas. The good news was that it was this very island I met Cristina 14 years ago and the island where we married, also 14 years ago. Just to make it "right" I got us a beachfront room at the same resort where we spent our honeymoon - yes... this was to be a second honeymoon too so not all that bad after all.

That the book came just before the trip set me up well for the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful contemplative reading opportunity.

All I can say is... "WoW!"

The most impacting book I have read in this lifetime.

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