Saturday, November 19, 2016

My process for acquiring information and how this impacts my operational protocol

At this moment there may be an opportunity to shift what would have been the direction of the US.  Note that the US effects to some extent the rest of the Earth and perhaps beyond (if there be secret space programs and non Earth born human sentient beings equally or more cognitively evolved than Earth born human beings).  So there may be an opportunity to shift what would have been the direction of something that from my perspective is quite significant.

Whether a shift in the direction will be (or could be) "for the better" is up to each to decide based on their perspective and their desires.

Having said that, I have observed that the mainstream media... the corporately controlled media has, for a very long time, engaged in highly manipulative behavior that has never been so obvious than what I have experienced the last year, year and a half.  Based on what I have seen and heard from the MSM, I have concluded that not a single bit of information can be trusted from the MSM.  I have concluded that a huge segment of society (at least in the western part of this world) has been so massively manipulated and so massively conditioned by lies and by social engineering efforts of the MSM that I have accepted I must be extremely careful as to the information sources I expose myself to as well as to the information that comes from the folks in my life, whether they are family, close friends, folks on forums and people I might meet on the street.  This has caused me to become quite protective of the emotional impact I experience when I expose myself to any information.

For this reason, I avoid ALL mainstream media with one exception - FOX News.  Do not make the mistake of concluding that I am endorsing FOX News.  Why I choose to watch FOX News is because it has been my experience that I get a digest of most of the overall mainstream media on FOX News as FOX often points out what the left leaning MSM (just about all the rest of the MSM) is "reporting" (if you can call it that).  I am completely aware that FOX News is likely agenda driven to some extent (though they allow their various reporters and pundits to lean the way they desire) yet I have also experienced viewing a greater degree of truth and I should add, some balance (with a definite lean to the right) whereas all the rest of the MSM appears to me completely "in the tank to the left."

I then get a great deal of information from all sorts of internet media sites... too many to name.  How I discovered these internet media sites is through the Project Avalon forum.  I read many posts there.  I have come to appreciate what is posted by a good dozen or so members of this forum.  Over time, I have seen patterns emerge regarding the information sites cited by these members.  So I have accumulated a basket full of internet media and information sites I browse often.  When it comes to information, there is no forum that comes close to the excellence of Project Avalon forum.

I then do the most important thing (well... this is just my opinion), I then consider all the information, bounce it around my emotional and mental perspectives... draw preliminary conclusions and then go through a reconciliation process with my primary perspective... what could be called my big picture perspective (which is founded by my 'kosmic' world view) - my kosmic world view itself is founded by current assumptions with regards to who/what I am (which assumes who/what all of us are... all life is).

I then find myself living in a way that, more than anything, projects an attitude.   It is this attitude that effects all in my life - that impacts the world.

By following this process (what I call 'my operational protocol'), I find I have taken responsibility for my life...  I find that if there be any one single thing I (the egoic being that is in relationship with all other beings, all life), can do to try and make the world better for us all, including myself... it is this process which results in my attitude.  It is my opinion at this time that management of my attitude is the very most important and most doable and most impacting upon others thing I can actually do.

It is my opinion that the very best thing to do with regards to the MSM is to do just like the sports channels in the US do when an idiot runs out onto the field...  They explain there's been an interruption but they no longer show the idiot.  They then begin to talk about anything and everything BUT the idiot until the idiot has been corralled and escorted off the field.  If ever I could recommend anything to anyone it is... ignore the mainstream media.   This goes for pundits too who keep pointing out the latest outrages from the MSM.  Stop doing that.  Ignore the MSM.  See the MSM is dead and the fact it still wiggles is no different than the tail of a lizard that has been severed.  Let the thing die.  Quit giving it life support. 

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