Thursday, September 19, 2019

A most cherished synchronicity experience

(Note: the date of this post has been changed to make this the first visible post in the blog)

I have been married for over a decade with the most wonderful woman I have ever met who is from Colombia.  Her name is Cristina.  I met her in Curacao in 2002 and eight days later we were engaged.  We had lived in the Caribbean and Central America over the next 10 years.  Due to issues related to one of my sons from a previous marriage, I moved back to Texas to help him out.  Unfortunately, it is far harder to bring your wife to the US if you married out of the country (as we did), so we had been working on the immigration process for two years when this event happened.  

The following story is based on our having to be apart (thank goodness for Skype) other than a few brief visits I made to Medellin (her home)… and how much we miss being together as a normal couple in love would be.

On Friday, October 10, 2014... inspired by my love for Cristina, I created the following and placed it on the small wall portion between the two windows behind where I sit at my computer and which can be seen by anyone who is looking through my webcam.

The flower is a flower that Cristina made and had placed on a gift she gave me (also something she made).

The three images are photocopies of three Crop Circle Cards. The Crop Circle Cards are an oracle deck similar to Tarot but inspired by crop circles.  The deck has 64 cards.  The bottom left was Cristina's first card, card number 3 - Love. The bottom right was my first card which was card number 60 - Starseed Spiral. The card above (center) is card number 6 - Union / Marriage. Below is our wedding picture from back in 2002.

In the evening of this same day I experienced the following.

I was watching the movie, Transcendence. Early on in the film Will Castor (Johnny Depp) says to his wife, Evelyn - “Think about the garden. Think about our sanctuary."

I recalled thinking how special this was to them... it was their sacred place, just for the two of them.  Clearly a love story was emerging.

About 1 1/2 hours later it’s the end of the movie and Will and Evelyn had just perished. Their good friend is in the very garden and was looking at two sun flowers. I am blind in my left eye and so when I am with Cristina, I always stand on her left. She is four inches taller than I.  So as I looked at this scene during which their friend was stating some final words in their remembrance, I imagined the two sun flowers were not just Evelyn and Will… I imagined that they might as well be Cristina and I.

At this precise moment... and I mean literally within a few seconds of this scene and my thoughts... my Skype lit up. It was Cristina. She was looking beautiful and beaming and immediately said... "Would you like to see the new painting I did at art class today?" I said, "Of Course!"

You can't make this stuff up... 

I was blown away.  

After I recovered a bit I asked her to hold it up again so that I could grab the screenshot.