Thursday, December 3, 2015

"Who/what am I?" (who/what are us?)

“I (as us all) am (are)
simply the ‘All that Is’
that found a way to deceive Itself
that It wasn't Itself
and simultaneously
hid Itself within Itself
such that It might (re)discover Itself
alive and individuated
within Its self-created Magick Kingdom.”

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I am... I am a [fill in the blank}

I am

but who and/or what is "I"?

Based in the above statement, "I am,"  "I" is The All that Is

Now let's switch the point of view

I am a [blank] where we can fill in the blank with any descriptor.

For example:  I am a magical being.

In this case, the "I" that I am refers to an individuated expression of The All that Is.

That individuated expression may appear to another to be an animated physical form.

Some might surmise that form is "alive."

I concur that I appear physical and that I am alive.

This particular "I" has the opinion that I am a magical being.  Why I state this is because I have developed the ability to conduct an inner conversation (as well as conversations with others) while simultaneously selecting a card now and then from my Crop Circle Cards deck (a set of 64 cards similar to Tarot).

These cards uncannily reflect key elements of the current conversation.  Example:  the other day my son was complaining about his life and said he felt he was fated negatively.  I then asked him if he desired to live in a universe that honored free will or that he was happy to be subject to the desires of some third party.  As he was answering I selected Card 10 - Destiny yet his answer was "free will."  I asked if that was what he truly believed?  He answered that his actual belief was what he originally told me - that his life was fated (pre-destined) and that the Cards accurately projected his true view.  But he said he had never thought about that yet what I said made sense.  He has now begun to contemplate the conundrum and expressed openness with regards to a fundamental change in his world view.

UPDATE: My son pointed out the following - Is it possible, Dad, that at one level of my being, "it" feels like my life is scripted, fated... that I am living my destiny yet, at another level of my being, I chose to experience this fate, this destiny?

How could I say "not possible."

In fact, I now think this element of my son's overall operational theory makes the most sense and so I have incorporated this into my own overall world view and operational protocol.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The 19 Synchronicity

My favorite number is 19... I was born on the 19th of September in the year 1957.  The year features the 19 and in looking closer we see that 19 + 19 + 19 = 57.

My friend, Robert, came to visit me when I was living in Panama around the turn of the year leading into 2011.  I had been living in an isolated society where I simply had not met anyone open minded about the phenomena of synchronicity, so when Robert visited and because he was an open minded person, I brought up the subject.  During that conversation, I mentioned that 19 was my favorite number.  The seed was planted.

The very next morning I went to have breakfast at the Marriott.  Valet parking being free, I drove right up and was given a valet ticket.  I laughed when I saw the number was 658 which when added = 19.  I kept the valet ticket so I could show Robert who had slept in.

After breakfast I went back home.  I lived on the 33rd floor of a 33 story building.  My parking space was on the second floor.  I parked and entered the elevator.  Immediately the elevator stopped at the third floor and the person getting on selected floor 19.  I laughed and am sure the person thought me a bit strange.

When I arrived, I enthusiastically told Robert the story of both the valet ticket as well as the stop on floor 19 on the way up.  He laughed.

That evening, we went to dinner and decided to valet park as opposed to searching for a parking spot in the crowded neighborhood.  As I exited the car, I was handed the valet ticket which was simply a number printed on a paper.  Sure enough, the number was 19.  I yelled across to Robert - "LOOK!" as I held up the number.  We both laughed in amazement.

As we were entering the restaurant, up walked  the two friends we had planned to meet - a couple named Trish and Aaron, both from Minnesota.  I told them the story where Aaron seemed open minded and amazed yet Trish appeared unimpressed.

Just after dinner we all decided to drive over to the Veneto Hotel which has a fun casino.  Again we used valet.  As I exited the car I asked for everyone's attention as I was handed the valet ticket.

It was a 5 digit number yet what I immediately saw was that the number ended in... 19.  I yelled "LOOK!"  Robert laughed, Aaron said "wow" and Trish looked at us all like something was wrong with us.  We entered the casino and jumped on the escalator to the 2nd floor.  While riding up I said, "LOOK! The first three digits are 2 9 and 8 which when added equals... 19."

At this point Trish looked at me like I was possessed while everyone else laughed.

This experience occurred a few months after the 23 Synchronicity and by this time I had developed the habit of saving these artifacts.

One funny thing happened a bit later... I had been playing craps and I saw Robert and Aaron sitting over at a black jack table.  I looked around for Trish and after awhile I spotted her at the farthest roulette table.  I bet you anything she was playing 19 Red. Haha.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The 23 Synchronicity

My conscious experience with the synchronicity phenomena goes back to the 80s and in early 2000 I had a most profound experience where one could say I crossed that invisible line from open minded to loss of any doubt.

But it was in August of 2010 that I had a remarkable experience where I entered into a state of what I call “hyper-quantum synchronicity” which lasted several hours.  Essentially what I mean by this term is that the thoughts that arose in my head were instantly (almost simultaneously) reflected back to me by what arose in the reality outside of “me” irrespective of if that reflection could be considered to come from a natural source or an artificial one.

It was about 5 weeks later that I had the experience I call “The 23 Synchronicity.” 

     The 23 Synchronicity  (September 23, 2010 and October 3, 4 2010)

It all started just before noon one Thursday when I had arrived at El Rey (a supermarket in Ciudad de Panama, Panama).  Gisela (our housekeeper) rode along with me so that she could get groceries while I went to Western Union.  As I pulled up to my parking space – well… it is best I just copy and paste the e-mail (edited only for spelling errors) that I had sent to Peter Moon in early October:

Hi Peter, I am sending this to you because you are the only person I can share this with that seems to a.) believe it and b.) understand it...

About 9 days ago I went to the grocery store with Gisela who works in my home.

1.)  When I parked, the odometer said 117770 which caught my attention I guess because of the 777.  Yet I felt an inner compelling to add it all up which equals 23.  I showed this to Gisela and told her specifically “23” because I could feel something coming...

2.) As she went to get groceries, I went to Western Union where I had to take a number which was J23.  I instantly chuckled.

3.) So after sending the money, I went back to the grocery store and joined Gisela in the checkout line where, when the check out worker tried to scan the apples the scan didn’t register...  She asked a co-worker if she knew the code and was told “5558” which when added equals 23!  I grabbed Gisela’s attention and instantly ask the checker to repeat the code.  she did and I told Gisela again “23!”

4.)  When I got home I asked "spirit' why 23??? and as I did, my eyes, all on their own, glanced down at my PC where I saw the date - Sept 23rd hahaha  I asked myself, could that be it? Just a date?

5.) That night my wife (who was in Medellin) video called me on Skype.  While we were talking she started to type  (and she can barely type).  She hit enter and her typed message appeared saying: (here’s the exact text from Skype).


8:47:16 PM


recuerda hoy es cumpleaƱos de Aleja
...which means "remember today is Alejandra's birthday”  Alejandra is Cristina's only child.

(continued after a brief comment)

Comment today, September 23, 2015 –

It is important to note that some of my conclusions at the time are not what I conclude today.  And this is an important step I hope to talk about in a later blog post
What I wish to share now is that then I was thinking that “God” or “source” or “the Universe” or “my over-soul” or “my higher-self” was attempting to give me a prompting to remember Alejandra’s birthday (as honestly I had yet to do up until Cristina reminded me).  Since that time I have studied this phenomena closely and as scientifically as one might do while simultaneously being the subject or at least a subjective participant in what I am trying to objectively study.  My conclusions now no longer incorporate the view of something “separate” from myself being involved in communicating something to “me.”  I now have developed an entirely different view of what “me” actually is and this view changes everything about how I perceive what might be the reasons behind the phenomena and what might be the reasons behind the exact content of a specific synchronicity.  But this is a complex discussion on its own so I will tackle this analysis another day.

(continuing with my e-mail to Peter Moon)

Looks like “something” or whatever was trying to help me that day as I had forgotten it was Alejandra’s birthday - first time I ever consciously saw a message from spirit that was more than just a HELLO  (or that I could properly interpret).

This is truly beyond belief yet - it is very, very real and I am humbled and feel very blessed.

Very Best Regards

But the story does not end there.  Peter replied to me via e-mail with attachments of a few of his recent newsletters.  The primary essay of note is called, “Synchronicity and the Mystery of the 23rd Chromosome.” 

I asked Peter if I could call and we ended up having a delightful and invigorating conversation.  During the conversation he blurted out, “You know that 23 is the number for synchronicity, right?”  He then shared his reasons and while we talked I did an internet search.

I found that the phenomena “synchronicity” had some special significance directly related to the number 23 called “the 23 Enigma” – WoW!

Peter then told me the actor Jim Carrey was obsessed with the phenomena and he even did a movie called “23.”  He even changed the name of his production company to JC 23 Entertainment back in 2005 (since changed again).

Clearly, there seems to be far more to 23 than alone having been a reminder of Alejandra’s birthday.

Soon after, Cristina and I went to the Rey again for groceries.  It was past midnight, so I was very surprised that the cheese counter happened to still be staffed.  I ordered my favorite, Monterrey “Pepper” Jack, and while I was waiting saw the Take a Number machine…  The little boy in me could not resist even though there was zero reason to take a number as I had already ordered (and no one else was waiting anyway) but I just couldn’t help myself.  And of course, I pulled 23 (and oddly another J series just the same as the one on September 23rd).  Here is a copy of both… the white one was the first one and the pink was the new one.

The last thing to mention is that I have a deck of divination cards similar to Tarot.  There are 64 cards and are based on crop circles from the mid 90s.  The deck is called The Crop Circle Cards.  I acquired my first deck back in year 2000.  In fact, My first blog post related to synchronicity entitled,  A most cherished synchronicity experience, included a role played by these cards.

Anyways… if there be any single conclusion one might draw regarding synchronicity is that there is a profound connectivity to all.  I decided to look at the deck to see what card 23 might be.

All I can say is, “how fitting?”

I must add that in late October 2010 when Cristina was with me where I lived (Panama), I said to her, “Cristina… I wish so badly I could meet a bona-fide serious researcher… someone serious that would be taken seriously… that would look at all this that I not only experience but yet document because this is really happening and I am beginning to understand about the mechanics involved… the ingredients required for these things to occur.”  To find someone like this in Panama was virtually impossible.

To the best of my memory it was a little more than a week later I opened my e-mail and there was an e-mail from Integral World with the title Synchronicity. 

I eagerly opened the mail and went to the featured article which was written by Dr. Elliot Benjamin.  Here’s a link to the article which includes a brief bio of Dr. Benjamin.

“YES!!!” I emphatically said to Cristina – there is such a one and I am going to write him and I did.  We exchanged several e-mails in a short time and soon I shared with him my text and artifacts of The 23 Synchronicity.

In December 2010, Dr. Benjamin used the original data that started “The 23 Synchronicity” experience in a response article to a skeptical article written by David and Andrea Lane -

Dr. Benjamin featured The 23 Synchronicity in his response to the Lanes -