Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I am... I am a [fill in the blank}

I am

but who and/or what is "I"?

Based in the above statement, "I am,"  "I" is The All that Is

Now let's switch the point of view

I am a [blank] where we can fill in the blank with any descriptor.

For example:  I am a magical being.

In this case, the "I" that I am refers to an individuated expression of The All that Is.

That individuated expression may appear to another to be an animated physical form.

Some might surmise that form is "alive."

I concur that I appear physical and that I am alive.

This particular "I" has the opinion that I am a magical being.  Why I state this is because I have developed the ability to conduct an inner conversation (as well as conversations with others) while simultaneously selecting a card now and then from my Crop Circle Cards deck (a set of 64 cards similar to Tarot).

These cards uncannily reflect key elements of the current conversation.  Example:  the other day my son was complaining about his life and said he felt he was fated negatively.  I then asked him if he desired to live in a universe that honored free will or that he was happy to be subject to the desires of some third party.  As he was answering I selected Card 10 - Destiny yet his answer was "free will."  I asked if that was what he truly believed?  He answered that his actual belief was what he originally told me - that his life was fated (pre-destined) and that the Cards accurately projected his true view.  But he said he had never thought about that yet what I said made sense.  He has now begun to contemplate the conundrum and expressed openness with regards to a fundamental change in his world view.

UPDATE: My son pointed out the following - Is it possible, Dad, that at one level of my being, "it" feels like my life is scripted, fated... that I am living my destiny yet, at another level of my being, I chose to experience this fate, this destiny?

How could I say "not possible."

In fact, I now think this element of my son's overall operational theory makes the most sense and so I have incorporated this into my own overall world view and operational protocol.