Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The 19 Synchronicity

My favorite number is 19... I was born on the 19th of September in the year 1957.  The year features the 19 and in looking closer we see that 19 + 19 + 19 = 57.

My friend, Robert, came to visit me when I was living in Panama around the turn of the year leading into 2011.  I had been living in an isolated society where I simply had not met anyone open minded about the phenomena of synchronicity, so when Robert visited and because he was an open minded person, I brought up the subject.  During that conversation, I mentioned that 19 was my favorite number.  The seed was planted.

The very next morning I went to have breakfast at the Marriott.  Valet parking being free, I drove right up and was given a valet ticket.  I laughed when I saw the number was 658 which when added = 19.  I kept the valet ticket so I could show Robert who had slept in.

After breakfast I went back home.  I lived on the 33rd floor of a 33 story building.  My parking space was on the second floor.  I parked and entered the elevator.  Immediately the elevator stopped at the third floor and the person getting on selected floor 19.  I laughed and am sure the person thought me a bit strange.

When I arrived, I enthusiastically told Robert the story of both the valet ticket as well as the stop on floor 19 on the way up.  He laughed.

That evening, we went to dinner and decided to valet park as opposed to searching for a parking spot in the crowded neighborhood.  As I exited the car, I was handed the valet ticket which was simply a number printed on a paper.  Sure enough, the number was 19.  I yelled across to Robert - "LOOK!" as I held up the number.  We both laughed in amazement.

As we were entering the restaurant, up walked  the two friends we had planned to meet - a couple named Trish and Aaron, both from Minnesota.  I told them the story where Aaron seemed open minded and amazed yet Trish appeared unimpressed.

Just after dinner we all decided to drive over to the Veneto Hotel which has a fun casino.  Again we used valet.  As I exited the car I asked for everyone's attention as I was handed the valet ticket.

It was a 5 digit number yet what I immediately saw was that the number ended in... 19.  I yelled "LOOK!"  Robert laughed, Aaron said "wow" and Trish looked at us all like something was wrong with us.  We entered the casino and jumped on the escalator to the 2nd floor.  While riding up I said, "LOOK! The first three digits are 2 9 and 8 which when added equals... 19."

At this point Trish looked at me like I was possessed while everyone else laughed.

This experience occurred a few months after the 23 Synchronicity and by this time I had developed the habit of saving these artifacts.

One funny thing happened a bit later... I had been playing craps and I saw Robert and Aaron sitting over at a black jack table.  I looked around for Trish and after awhile I spotted her at the farthest roulette table.  I bet you anything she was playing 19 Red. Haha.

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